Technology Today

The industrial revolution had a profound effect on the United States in more than just our economic growth and status. Industrial growth lead to so much more possibilities for our culture and our way of life to be changed for the better. Processes became faster, automated, more efficient and effective. Now we have come into a technological revolution which has just begun to shape our future and will again Jason Hope, change our very way of life and move our civilization into a new and exciting time.

Let’s look at the basic equipment that started the changes we are seeing around and with each new generation. Personal computers have greatly impacted how we communicate, perform business transactions, share memories and so much more, all at the click of a button. Thanks to companies like, Microsoft we are able to afford these computers and utilize them on the mass scale that they have been implemented through. Not long after the desktop computer, a company found portability was key to consumer electronic success.

Now we have taken the latest technology a giant step further, by introducing tablets, touchscreen devices and of course, smartphones. These are all changes that make the world even more fast paced and interconnected. Many businesses are counting on this new medium to ensure they can keep up with fair market share, which as they wait to expand their online assets, the tougher it is to establish a presence.

“The largest changes in this technological revolution could easily be attributed to the increase and continued expansion and redesign of smartphones.” Jason Hope tells.These devices have created real time functions and given the average consumer many helpful resources in the palm of the user’s hand. Companies such as, apple continue to raise the bar, making the consumer expect more functionality from these devices.

A new way of life has already begun with the introduction of these new technologies, and is expected to continue to upgrade as we find more use. This advancement shows a more sophisticated and elaborate change in direction for our society. Each day we continue to grow and discover more innovative uses for this technology and the possibilities, at this point, seem limitless.

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